50p from each product sold will be used to help young people living on the street

What is Lovira?

LOVIRA is a small evolving company with a philosophy of awareness and self growth.

We are gradually introducing a range of products and are excited to introduce our first two creations LOVE SIGHTS and  GOODBYE letters.

Have some fun with your partner and our Love Sights

more about:
Thank you for the time we spent together.
Take the thoughts that you have about your partner.
Memories are special and precious.
Never forget why you fell in love in the first place.


The Other Side of The World.

Yes, my heart is on the other side of the world. But through my love sight glasses, my love is right here with me through words that remind me of him and the most precious memories and amazing moments we shared. Writing in the glasses together before my love left bounded us and we shall again meet and put our glasses together.
Thank you for this amazing product.

Bintou on Dec 13, 2018


its a wonderful concept and i love the design and effort that has gone into this product, i really enjoyed the process of it all.My boyfriend and i feel like we have highly benefitted from this. I highly recommend!!!!

Sam on Nov 08, 2018

4 eyes 1 love

As I sit and read My rose golden glasses as I call them; they brought back many good memories. Over time you tend to forget, of how you felt in the beginning. Writing down ones thoughts put into words made me smile as I re-read what I wrote at that time.

Thank you for my rose golden glasses- yours truly 4 eyes 1 love.

Lady Catherine Cannix. on Nov 08, 2018